How to make DIY ESPboy?

Hi. I am new to ESP32 and sorry if this has been answered already, how to make DIY ESPboy?

Hello, please respond.

Also it will be from scratch as I have no kit.


Thank you sir. I checked it and the connections is this picture:

It’s confusing and I don’t know what to do with the buttons. For the charging, will this esp32 mini wemos runs at 5 volt, or 3 volt? If 3 volt, I am planning on using TP4056 charger. Also I can’t find the 50 OHM speaker and 4.7k resistor. I am PRIME member on Amazon so finding components from Amazon is best.

ESPBOY is done from an ESP8266 not an ESP32
you can find schematics here:
you can read that too: ESPboy - RetroGaming&Software development MuliTool |


What do you mean? What is EXPBOY?

but esp32 is better than esp8266

it’s a typo but more important is that the controller is an esp8266 not an esp32

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Ohh yes, I see now in the schematic it says esp8266, please check my previous post and answer the question if you have answer: post #5

Maybe but espboy is conceipted like this for different reasons, so if you want do one with one esp32, you’ll have to conceive your own shematics and you will have to adapt all the system software done by roman. It’s another electronical parts, another system files asw…


ok ill use esp8266 in that case

please help me in this post

Sir, is the speaker in the schematic a speaker, or a buzzer?

The speaker is a standard voice coil type but it has to be 50 ohms or higher. An 8 ohm or 16 ohm speaker will draw too much power from the pin that’s driving it.

If you want to add a transistor and a resistor or potentiometer, you can use an 8 ohm or 16 ohm speaker and follow the ESPboy schematic.

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80 is good? It’s all I can find. will this screen work?"+TFT+color+lcd+128x128&qid=1641764632&sprefix=1+44+tft+color+lcd+128x128%2Caps%2C91&sr=8-10 Also, how do I add rgb and screen fading to the espboy diy? In this picture, how to connect buttons, im confusded?
imagedo I need to power it with 3.7v or 5v?

Yes, 80 ohms will probably work. It will be a bit quieter than 50 ohms.

A piezo disc will probably also work but will be quieter and not have as much frequency range.


Yes, that screen will work.


will this board work? And will this gpio expander work?