Wiring a display with different pin names

hello, quick question, i bought a display online on my country to make a diy version of the espboy, and for what i can see it has diferent pin names, can i get some help with this?

it has (on this order)
Led, Sck, Sda, A0, Reset, Cs, Gnd, Vcc

how should i connect this?

It might have an I2C interface instead of SPI. If it does have an SPI interface, I would guess:

Led = BL (backlight)
Sck = SCL
Sda = SDA (MOSI)
A0 = DC
Reset = RES
Cs = CS
Gnd = GND
Vcc = VCC


alright! it should get home tomorrow so i’ll check it out

really thanks! :smiley:

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hi there, me again haha
turned out the last display i bought was broken, so i had to change it
today i received the new one and just replaced it without, now i notice the screen is upside down
there’s a way to fix that with code? asking first before desoldering all

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you can make corrections in the source code in setup(){} section
and change the number in tft.setRotation(0); to tft.setRotation(2),
then recompile and upload to ESPboy

the problem is that all Apps at AppStore are compiled with tft.setRotation(0);