Retrieve gamebuino META documentation

Rip gamebuino META…
Now documentation is hosted by an user here:

Edited later: META has reborn. A new team have take the commands. You can have informations here: and join the community here:

Great new french team :slight_smile:

At last the ultimate message!

ESPboy can play Gamebuino-META games now, thanks to ported Gamebuino META library. With the help of this lib we can recompile games and apps for ESPboy and play it.

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i think i’ll make ported gamebuino lib much simpler. looking deeper into it i think that for beginners it is absolutely incomprehensible how it works. And a lot of over-engineered functions. To my mind, the main idea for such consoles is to be extremely easy for understanding programming. I’ll remove home-menu, meta-mode, complex LED work, bmp/video save , heavy sound functionality and try to make “save parameters” function much easier working with EEPROM (but not with SD i think that i remove it also). For LED can be used small and easy ESPboy_LED.h and for sound esp8266Audio lib. For graphics, it’s better also to make code refactoring, but it’s so complex that i am afraid to break original gamebuino compatibility. So I’ll try to leave only 40% of functions that are used 99% of the time and remove the other 60% which are almost never used)

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5 games are already ported.

But some games resetting and I need a day or two to understand why. And there is no guarantee that I can solve the problem… I can’t spend much time dealing with all these games and do it occasionally from time to time for fun. But I believe that the game authors can help with porting to make they games wider available.

So let’s take part in these Gamebuino to ESPboy game porting rally and together will discover the differences between SAMD21 (Gamebuino) and ESP8266 (ESPboy) coding to clear the path and make the porting notes for future enthusiasts.

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Here is minimalistic Gamebuino META lib. Small and fast)

There are cleaned seldom used gamebuinohome, gamebunomenu, neoled (changed to small internal LED lib), SD card and screen recording functionality.
Almost all sounds capable are cut off instead simple playOK, playCancel, playTick, playTone

I think that the best way for sound is to use Arduboy Tones library and Arduboy playtune library.
And for ESPboy ESP8266Audio library which is now work with external DAC and with speaker on RX pin but later Shiru will mod it to work with ESPboy’s standard internal speaker

The Arduboy Playtune in a simple synth player can drive 4 (and ESPboy ported version even more) channels music and one tone channel (software synth without any DAC) (changed). Or use ESP8266Audio library for digital sound. Or maybe RTTL lib for playing simple tunes or any other.

Saves are simplified and changed from SD to SPIFFS

Added new resolution 128x128 because standard 80x64 and 160x128 are automatically resampled to 128x128 on ESPboy.
you have to just uncomment the desirable resolution in Gamebuino-Meta.h
of the library


I will proceed with refactoring and will be happy to see your thoughts, critics, and advice.

The big problem and at the same time great luck that I’m not good in programming so I try to do things as simple as possible because I can’t understand difficult programming tricks and all the C ++ magic)

So simplicity is good for every man, especially for beginners i think.

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