Problem with ESPboy2

Hi everyone,
i just got my ESPboy2 and everything was working fine.
Then i downloaded Super Crate Buino from the AppStore and after turning the device off i only get a white screen when turning it on.
Holding A + On doesn‘t work either.
Does anyone have an idea how to maybe reset it to the settings before i added a game because probably it is just that game that causes the error.
Thank you so much in advance. I have no idea about programming or anything, please keep that in mind :smile:

Hi Johannes! Very sad to hear that there was a problem with your ESPboy. I checked the download of Super Cratebuino from the AppStore and everything went fine. It is possible that something went wrong, which happens with any device, but we have never heard about the problem you described so far.
Try downloading the App from the WebAppStore.
You can do this from your Chrome browser, connecting your ESPboy to PC/Mac using Micro USB cable.

Unfortunately none of the PCs i tried it with had the drivers to even connect it to a PC.

Please try to install CH340 driver CH340 Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux

Thank you but i only have access to a computer in an Internet Café with limited abilities to change something like a driver i guess.
It is fine, don‘t worry :relieved: