It's possible to use a sdcard module to load games and programs on a diy espboy?

I’m planning to make a espboy and I saw a pro version with soldering points for a sdcard:

So I’m wondering if the espboy has software support for sdcard. If yes, I will be so happy to save there the programs, like the pokitto do. And what would I need to install on my espboy to make it work?

Here´s my espboy schematic with sd card module:

Any help or suggestion would be much aprecciated.

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A long time ago I experimented with SD, but I could not get it to work stable. Later I thought that the built-in flash drive and the online AppStore is enough and the complication in the form of an SD card is unnecessary

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I would like to contribute to the project testing implementations of sdcard support. Do you have that code on github? I could help.

Can’t find old code but maybe you have to use official SD lib for ESP8266