I need ESPboy2 Schematic

hi i need ESPboy2 Schematic


Why? “hi i need ESPboy2 Schematic” doesn’t tell us anything.

The ESPboy2 schematic is classified. The original ESPboy schematic can be found here though: https://oshwlab.com/ESPboy/espboy_v4-3

Again, I have no idea why you’re asking and what your motives are, so I can’t help you.

I have a problem with ESPboy walkie-talkie
I tried a lot but it doesn’t work so I want to try ESPboy2

ESPboy and ESPboy 2 are identical in the sense that both function the same. I don’t know what problem you have with the walkie-talkie but trying it with the ESPboy 2 won’t make a difference, unless your ESPboy is damaged, in that case, you will need a new ESPboy (1 or 2).

i have ESPboy1 v4.3 works fine

If it works fine, what’s the problem? Didn’t you say you wanted the ESPboy2 because the ESPboy1 walkie-talkie wasn’t working?

The ESPboy2 won’t make a difference anyway.

walkie-talkie it works fine by ESPboy2 video
but walkie-talkie doesn’t work by ESPboy1
i see this in ESPboy1

It must be a problem on your end then because the ESPboy 1 & 2 have the same functionality.

I haven’t tried the “walkie-talkie” so I can’t help you there.

ESPboy1 and ESPboy2 have almost identical circuitry and the walkie-talkie radio module should work equally well on both.
I will try the module on ESPboy1 v4.3 this week

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power on i see this not work by ESPboy 1 v4.3 I think there is an error in pinout ESPboy 1 different than ESPboy2


should not be an error

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I think it’s a problem with your ESPboy because like said many times the ESPboy 1 & 2 are almost identical and they have the same functionality.

Now it works I forgot to connect ESPboy B6, LTK5128 board Mute
but The MIC MAX9814 sound is not clear !
i need capacitor value on MIC MAX9814 Between VCC and GND

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