How exactly does the ESPboy Appstore work?

I might be making my own platform using the ESP32, and I’ve been wondering how the ESPboy Appstore works. I might possibly make my own version of the ESPboy Appstore, which is why I’m curious.

Are files somehow fetched from GitHub or something? Or a personal server?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Or is it like the OTA thing? If so, how does that all work?

You can see the basic idea of the first version of AppStore1, which is now disabled.
AppStore2 is built on a similar principle.
I’m not posting the code of AppStore2 for security and potential fraud reasons.

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Oh, thanks! That’s just what I needed :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Ard…
If you do decide to go forward with an esp32 platform, let me know!


ESP32 is a very cool chip.
However, the main interest of fans of tinkering with retro stuff is the challenge to get the most out of the minimum of resources.
One of the reasons why the ESP8266 chip was chosen rather than the more powerful ESP32 chip.
The second reason is the huge number of Arduino IDE libraries available for ESP8266, which were many times larger than those for ESP32 when ESPboy was created.
Nowadays the ESPboy platform is pretty well debugged and has more expansion modules and software.
It is also a hobby project that I do in my spare time for fun.
At the moment, I see no reason to do a huge amount of work to change the platform. It requires rewriting and debugging tens of thousands of lines of code and a huge amount of time to fix the schematics of the expansion modules of their checks and tests.
Maybe you should just build your ESPboy and use already available solutions, instead of creating your own platform?
It’s a long time affair )
Regarding Arduboy library I suggest you to look at its forks on GitHub. I’m sure there are already ready solutions of already ported Arduboy2 lib for ESP32.

Hi, at the moment I’ve actually just been finishing up/cleaning the library. I’m may (when ready) post it (and the wiring diagram), so I guess look out for that.

Sorry for keeping you waiting, I’ve been quite inactive here. Finding your message has actually given me some more motivation!

Yep, 100%. I totally agree. I personally chose the ESP32 because I think it has a lot of capability, and I want to really push it to it’s limits and see what it can do. I was also dabbling a bit in older computers a little while, and the ESP32 really resonated with me. It also has more GPIO pins, which was a win for me.

I’m not trying to change the platform, I’m trying to make my own. I was just originally super inspired by the ESPboy appstore because it was something I never really thought could be possible (I never really thought about WiFi before the ESPboy) and I sort of wanted to have something like that on my own platform, too.

But where’s the fun in that! :wink:

That was awesome! Im not really much of a coder - but will support you however I can. If you need me to test OR if you need some financial backing just let me know!