Full software for espboy 2

I apologize if this has been asked before, but i searched the comunity and found nothing.

Ive purchased the espboy2 from tindie, and loved it so much that I made my own hardware(in the shape of a mini Xbox 360 controller (106mm x 73mm) with minor “improvements” such as a volume control dial dual speakers and fully developed PCBs for the following modules: radio module, GPS module, weather station module, and mp3 player module) to distribute amongst my friends/family.

Where can I find the full software that comes on the official espboy 2? The diy software seems to be lacking features found on the official verson.

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Which repo is the one used in the official espboy? Ive downloaded alot of them already but they only seem to be snippets of a larger code.

@RomanS would probably be the best one to help you with this.

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I honestly don’t understand the question.
All ESPboy official software is in the repository on GitHub, some them are compiled and uploaded to the WebAppStore here and to the WiFiAppStore (only accessed directly from the ESPboy device).
When selling the ESPboy, LGE (Little Game Engine) is installed on the ESPboy together with the built-in WiFiAppStore client, moreover set of LGE games is uploaded to the ESPboy internal LittleFS flash drive.

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Sounds great!
It would be interesting to see how it turned out. How your ESPboy version looks like now, PCB, additional modules.
Can you show us a photos or video?

Dual speakers
Volume dial
150mah li-po
Ergonomimic design
Usb-c charging port
Usb-c programming port

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congratulations! great work!



will the PCB be freely available for users to order?

It can be, i wasnt sure if that was alowed or not. id be willing to provide them to those who are interested

That would be great because I welcome any activity that promotes engineering creativity!
And I would love it if in the description you could add a short link to the original ESPboy project website and a couple of words of thanks for the inspiration )