ESPboy Library v1.2.1

Hi everybody,

I have just registered the ESPboy Library v1.2.1 on the official registries of the PlatformIO IDE and the Arduino IDE.

This library provides a driver for the ESPboy multi-gadget handheld created by Roman. It gives you easy control over all its peripherals (128x128 TFT screen, 8 push buttons, and NeoPixel RGB LED).

ESPboy Library relies on the following dependencies:

I noticed that most of the developments around the ESPboy use the TFT_eSPI library, but I prefer LovyanGFX, which has better optimizations and more easy configuration. Its author, lovyan03, has kindly agreed to add support for ESP8266 in LovyanGFX and, more specifically, for the ESPboy, to make our lives easier with his outstanding graphics display driver. You can thank him by starring :star: the LovyanGFX library.

To help you get to grips with this ESPboy Library and make it easier for you to develop your projects on the ESPboy, I propose a short user guide that details all the steps to install the library and the necessary software environment. You can choose between the PlatformIO IDE and the Arduino IDE (although I prefer the former).

The library provides a few examples of use (including two famous games, Snake and 2048) that should help you get the hang of it in no time.

Please read the user guide for more details.

And don’t hesitate to give me your feedback. :wink:

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Thanks to the esteemed @Steph for a wonderful and handy library!
This library is undoubtedly of higher quality than the one I wrote a few years ago in a couple of evenings, although it is a bit more difficult to master.

A big advantage is that it works perfectly in PlatformIO, it’s registered in the official library registry, and it has great code examples for different types of games.

I hope it will help beginners create their own great projects!

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