ESPboy description and discussion

ESPboy is an open-source, portable, modular, hackable gadget you can build yourself for 12$ in 1 hour to use as a retro game console or as an IoT platform for STEM education and fun.

ESPboy original modules attached to the core device after uploading corresponding firmware via WiFi will turn it to the completely new gadget in a minute: game console, meteo-station, GPS navigator, mobile phone, FM-radio, mp3 player and more.

With built-in WiFi, you’ll be able to upload firmware/apps directly from the internet, communicate with people and connect to web services.

ESPboy is compatible with the Arduino, Micropython and other IDEs and ecosystems for making games and applications.

There is an extension header for easy connection of sensors, actuators, and original ESPboy modules.

Size 30х70mm, ESP8266 80/160Mhz, 4/16Mb, WiFi, color LCD 128x128 or b/w OLED 128x64, neopixel RGB led, HQ speaker, 8 buttons, extension header (with i2c, SPI, UART, gpios), 600mAh battery.

Detailed description and project log

Youtube video

Can I use the ESP32 pico instead of 8266? If yes what changes do I need to make?

Hello. You can use any MCU you want to build something like a portable gaming device. But it will not be ESPboy ) There are a lot of them with ESP32 on the market. Please check or or and so on…

Thank you for your reply. What I meant was I love your project the ESPboy, such a cool project, but since i am working with ESP32 I was hoping ESPboy could run on it too. What are the challenges involved to port this to ESP32?

Hello! Thank you for your kind words about the ESPboy project. It was made as DIY with specially traced PCB and few thoroughly selected standard components for easy soldering them all together and use with ESPboy software. The base is ESP8266. I think it’s possible to port all software and find a proper way for pinout but it needs much time for experiments. Anyway, with ESP32 you can build a powerful system capable of running NES emulator at least that is much better than ESPboy ) ESPlay micro for example.