ESP8266 audio library to play MOD, WAV, MP3, FLAC, MIDI, AAC, RTTL

Testing [wonderful library for digital sound ESP8266Audio]( on ESPboy)

It can play MOD, WAV, MP3, FLAC, MIDI, AAC, and RTTL from SD, internal flash file system, RAM and PROGMEM to external DAC with high quality sound like here and to simple speaker connected to RX pin because they use 32x oversampled software DAC with undocumented using of i2s bus as far as i understand.

the problem is that ESPboy uses D3 pin for its internal Speaker so to hear the sound from this lib without additional external DAC is possible only with an additional outer speaker connected to RX pin through an additional transistor (as written in the library’s description)!

But, Shiru said that it’s possible to mod this library and add additional sound render to D3 ESPboy pin. I hope he could find some spare time to do this mod for us to play almost any digital sound on ESPboy to the standard internal speaker and outer i2s high-quality speaker also!

Let’s wait a bit and cross our fingers )


Shiru fixed ESP8266Audio library to play MODs and WAVs on ESPboy internal speaker (quiet play but not a bad sound quality). Greetings to him! For high-quality loud sound, it’s better to use an external i2s DAC (check youtube with ESPboy AY-38910 sound processor emulation demo).