Dino Game for ESPboy

This game is a slight remake of the famous Dinosaur Game, also known as the Chrome Dino, a browser game developed by Google and built into the Google Chrome web browser, which can be accessed by inputting chrome://dino into the address bar.

Dino for ESPboy is a basic casual game. Still, it’s mostly a project to provide you with a fairly complete example of how to make nice games with ESPboy library, using cool graphics, 8-bit sound effects, and the onboard NeoPixel LED.

Dino is a one-button runner game.
Just press the [A] button to jump and get the highest score possible.

=> Install the game on your ESPboy in seconds

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Great game. Nice to see a new game made for espboy. Maybe the first of a long list.
It’s a very good / fun game :slight_smile: Not so easy after some seconds…

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