Different displays

In some cases we lack the features of the standard ESPboy display - ST7735 128x128 TFT. Its only advantage is that it is inexpensive.

However, it should always be standard on the ESPboy in order to ensure compatibility with all software written for ESPboy.

The 128x128 resolution is often not enough.

The display resolution for some well-known projects:

  • Pokitto 220x176
  • Gamebuino META 128x16
  • ZX Spectrum 256x19
  • GameBoy 160x144
  • Commodore64 320x200
  • Commodore PET 40×25 symbols 8x8 pixels each symbol = 320x100
  • BK0010 512x256 / 256x256

I got a few displays and did some experiments.
The one I liked the most was the compact and bright SPI IPS 2’’ 320x240 display.

It is freely and inexpensively available on aliexpress, but requires a little tweaking in the form of removing 5 SMD voltage divider resistors. For some strange reason exactly 2’’ display has a more complex voltage divider than on all other displays I tested and refuses to work without modification from 3.3v ESPboy.




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