Congratulations from an old Padawan learner

Hello everyone,

I’ve just joined your community and browsed all the threads posted here to get a feel for the exchanges and topics that bring you all together around ESPboy. I also went through @RomanSYouTube channel and Logs on Hackaday… It’s impressive how much work has been done since the beginning of this adventure.

I don’t have my own ESPboy in my hands yet, but I’m looking forward to tinkering with it and sharing my experiences with you, as soon as it’s possible.

@RomanS and all of you who contribute to the growth of the ESPboy have really done a great job! Thanks for all the nuggets already available. This little console has incredible potential to develop a whole ecosystem for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) education. It is also a great opportunity to learn programming through play. It’s the best way to learn!

I fully embrace this approach, and even more so when it is accomplished with humility.

I hope to be up to it and to be able to participate modestly to the collective effort by sharing my own experiments or my ideas, and to make ESPboy known around me.

I’ll see you soon for something concrete, as soon as I get my console in my hands (I opt for the v2 which seems to have clear improvements).


Hello Steph!
It’s amazing that you grasped the main idea of the project so fast and it’s great that you like it.
There is a long plan for ESPboy and much to do and i really appreciated for help to everyone who likes the basic idea of the project and who can contribute anything to it.
I believe in engineering creativity and believe that DIY something both is fun and useful!
Let’s do this project better together )
I’ll try to make a road map in Trello this weekend to make the plan visible for everyone. Maybe it will light up the way and somebody can find something interesting in this list to tinker with.

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Hi @RomanS,

Can you share the link to your road map on Trello, please?

Hello @Steph !
Please let me know your e-mail in Discord private chat to add to the Trello ESPboy team. And you’ll be granted access immediately )


But how do you plan to make the road map accessible to everyone?
Is there a public consultation URL?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to make the plan available to everyone. Firstly, I think that intrigue and some mystery is very good for any project. When everything is known in advance, all interest is lost. Second - an open plan is already a commitment to people, but in fact, the plan can change and I do not want to make it rigid yet. so for now I want to keep it private, opened only for developers and for those people who want to take an active part in the project)

Yes, I completely understand your motivations, which seem reasonable to me :slight_smile:

I was just referring to what you said in your post:

the world is constantly changing, we must change even faster )