SAF Minigames: game collection

This is a tiny collection of minigames written with my SAF engine. This is released under CC0, public domain.

There are these games:

  • snake
  • minesweeper
  • tetris
  • 2048
  • runner

To compile this:

  • Download the source code (single file) from here.
  • Download the SAF engine (single file) from here.
  • Create a new Arduino sketch, put these two files in its folder, and in the main sketch file (e.g. minigames.ino) write:
#include "minigames.h"
  • Compile the sketch with Arduino IDE.



Great. Codeberg is upgrading at this moment, so i can’t have been able to have a look and will not be here until tomorrow evening but it’s seems really nice. I will try it next week. Thanks, drummyfish.
I like the spirit and be able to code not depending of the target console (just having to change 2 lines)

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Thanks, I also have mirrors on and gitlab :slight_smile:

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I have had a look and i know alot more about you @drummyfish. I don’t share all of you principes but i share alot. I’ll have to test now… Just a question about a subject i have maybe missed but does SAF manage 128x80 mode on gamebuino META ? If it does i’ll hack paramter to use this resolution for my games if i’ll be able to use this library to have a very easy port solution between ESPboy and META (I could maybe even retrieve my Arduboy clone that is staying somewhere in my flat…)

does SAF manage 128x80 mode on gamebuino META ?

No, it’s intentionally limited to 64x64 as I wanted the games to also run on Arduboy etc., and fewer pixels also means lower HW demands, but of course, you can hack it! You can create a fork that will allow more resolutions.