Making ESPboy Board With Components

Hi. I am trying to make my own ESPboy using the version 4.3 ESPboy PCB and case. Since I am printing it myself, it has no components soldered already. So in here I am asking for help on where and which components to solder on the board. Thank you. What I mean is, maybe provide some links to Aliexpress to buy them, and if you can take some pictures of the ESPboy board with all the components, that would be great.

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Hello here )

  1. Almost all components you need for 4.3 ESPboy PCB you can find at BOM section of EasyEDA schematic

  2. The easiest way to buy the correct components is to press the button “Order at LCSC” under the BOM table with the components EasyEDA schematic.

and separately buy:

  1. The rest of the components for the casing (2m screws, copper spacings, button screws, nuts and springs) you’ll need only after soldering, flashing the firmware, and making all tests of the basic device. You don’t have to worry about them yet.

  2. All the places for the components you can also find at ESPboy EasyEDA PCB v4.3 schematic and PCB silk layer


Hello, thank you for the reply. For the M2 screws and copper spacings, is there a certain length for them?

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For the buttons that are soldered to the PCB, will this ones work? Or only this rectangle ones? And what about the springs?

we are talking about v4.3
and three people have already advised you about 10 times to look carefully at the schematic, the PCB and the BOM

use Alpin Alps SKPMAPE010 according to BOM

Let me make it clear that if you continue to ignore the advice of older and wiser people, you will very soon simply stop getting answers)


I’m sorry :pensive:. I saw in @MLXXXp ESPboy he’s using the different buttons so I was wondering if it will work too. I saw in ESPboy2 (short) review that there is some springs in the button screws, which ones are they?

we are talking about v4.3
@MLXXXp already told you that he has a different version of the ESPboy PCB

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if you look carefully at the post above with the list of parts to buy, you will see these springs with their parameters and a link to aliexpress

by the way, we agreed no more than two questions a day. you’ve already asked 20 :slight_smile:

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Not only is my PCB a different version, also my ESPboy is highly customised by me. I used larger and longer spacers to separate the front and back case boards because my ESPboy is thicker, due to using sockets for the modules so I can easily disassemble it.

Instead of using screws, nuts and springs as button extensions, I made my own custom aluminium button extenders by using my drill press as a lathe. This also required drilling the holes for the buttons in the front board to a larger diameter.

You would find all this and more documented in the DIY subject (that you’ve been pointed to) if you bothered to spend the time to read what I wrote, instead of just looking at the photos.